Hairy Ears

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Ok so we are brushing our sweet doodle and ooing and awing over how cute she is, when we take a quick peak inside the ear and find out she has hair in the ear canal! Like old man,  bushy hair! Well not to worry. You can easily take care of it quick as a wink. Now not all doodles have this problem. All poodles have hair in the ear canal and it has to be taken care of. Your doodle may or may not depending on how much she is taking after her poodle parent.  Here are some quick hints to get a the hairy ear issue resolved.

1. Start early. Get your pup use to the grooming process. Do a little each day. 

2. Sprinkle some hair removal powder in the ear. Powder makes it easy to grip the hair. Don't skip that step.

3. I like to use my fingers, but gently pull small amounts of hair. Don't try to pull too much. The pup probably won't like it, but they will get use to it. Continue until you clear the hair out of the canal. 

Cleaning the hair out of the canal is important. Too much hair in there will trap dirt and grime in the ear, making it a perfect environment for ear infections. Keep calm and pluck on! 

Check out our demo on our YouTube channel SANDHOLLOW Doodles 

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