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There is absolutely nothing worse than getting a call saying that your family's beloved pet is missing while you are on vacation.  We left for a family trip to visit cousins and grandparents seven hours away. Our sweet LuLu, unbeknownst to us, also went on a journey. Some how or another she got out of her kennel and ran off in between when we left and the next morning when friends came to feed her and take care of her. It was awful. We left at noon and here it was the next day and she was gone.  Lulu has never strayed before. She is not an athletic dog. She is small and stays in the yard when we let her out. In fact, she is more of a house dog than anything.  All the reasons why I never felt pressed to make sure her microchip was registered and her ID collar was on.  She never went anywhere. Why should I worry?  Bad mistake on my part! I felt so awful. I didn't even know if her Microchip was registered if someone did find her. Thankfully, after much prayer and calling of every neighbor and posting her picture all over Facebook, she was found and returned.  We were incredibly lucky. What could we have done better? 

1. Microchip and make sure it was up to date with contact info.

2. Proper identification collar, even for house pets. 

AKC Reunite is a microchip data base company.  They have a one time fee of $17.50 for a lifetime enrollment of their Microchip number.  When looked up, the number will have all your contact info. Collars and tags can come off, microchips are permanent. AKC Reunite has great info on what a microchip is, how it works, as well as other tips and products to keep your pet well identified and safe. One in three pets will get lost in their life.  Do all that you can to keep your pet safe. Microchip and register your pet today! Click here if you'd like to read heartwarming reunite stories!

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