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Sand Hollow Doodles raises quality bred Goldendoodles and Spanish Water Doodles, Springerdoodles and Aussiedoodles. Our Doodle families are always telling us how very intelligent and highly trainable our puppies are! They tell us their pups are loving and happy. They seem to melt right into their families' dynamic. Our pups are raised with many children, other dogs, cats and farm animals in a rural setting. They are very well socialized to many stimuli. We have them out with the family daily once they are old enough. This makes them great dogs, and brings joy to us as we raise pups for other families to love.Our Labradoodles range in size from 65-75 pounds. The Goldendoodles range from 55-65 pounds. Aussiedoodles, Spanish Water Doodles, Springerdoodles are in th 40 lb range. Doodle coats are usually more on the poodle end of the spectrum. We do get some less curly ones, though, their coat is still longer and wavier than a Lab. Most don't shed too much. It seems the curlier the coat, the less shedding. All the pups will require grooming. It is up to you if you like a longer look or like to keep it short. They don't need trims as often as Poodles. You will see in our customer reviews the different coats produced and how families maintain them.


Boone is our AKC Chocolate Parti Standard Poodle. He is such a fun dog. We love his gentle, goofy demeanor. He loves to go for runs with the kids on their bikes! He weighs in at 50 lbs and has a tall build.

Sequoia is our Chocolate Goldendoodle. She is about 40 pounds. She has a sweet and gentle demeanor, especially with small children. She is fun loving and enjoys going on family outings. We are excited to see what her puppies are like!
Rooster is an AKC Moyen Parti Poodle. He weighs in at about 30 lbs. He is athletic and loves to play. He is also sweet and gentle with our kids, and hilarious. He thinks he is something pretty special when there is a lady around!
This is Merle. She is a purebred Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She is very friendly and affectionate. Merle is an amazing, friendly, and gentle dog. She loves children! She enjoying playing in the yard with her best friend, Nellie, and hanging with the family around our firepit. She weighs in at 35 pounds. She is an excellent mother.
Nellie is an AKC registered Spanish Water Dog. We brought her from Spain! She is a fun-loving and sweet dog. She is LOVES water! If we can't see her, we know to check the stream! She runs happily back and forth and then rolls in it! She weighs 35 pounds. Her coat is very curly and hangs in dreads when it's long. She is hypoallergenic and non-shed. She loves kids and just being with us.
Our stud Poodle is Tuff, an AKC registered light apricot Standard Poodle. He is a handsome guy with a friendly personality. He is a well behaved dog with a tall, athletic build. He weighs about 60 pounds.
Coy is an awesome registered Australian Shepherd. His family says he is a wonderful friend and goes to work on a cattle ranch every day! He is 40 lbs.
Aspen is an AKC Apricot Parti Standard Poodle. She is friendly and sweet. She likes to play with the kids. She is about 40 lbs.
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