Sand Hollow Doodles breeds quality Bernedoodle, Sheepadoodle, Spanish Water Doodle and Springerdoodle puppies. Our Doodle families are always telling us how very intelligent and highly trainable our puppies are! They tell us their pups are loving and happy. They seem to melt right into their families' dynamic.

Our pups are raised with many children and other dogs in a rural setting. They are very well socialized to many stimuli. We have them out with the family daily once they are old enough. This makes them great dogs and brings joy to us as we raise pups for other families to love.

Our Mini Bernedoodles range in size from 25-40 pounds. Springerdoodles are 40 lbs. Spanish Water Doodles are 30-45 lbs.

Doodle coats range the spectrum of tight curls to soft and wavy. Most don't shed much at all. It seems the curlier the coat, the less shedding. All the pups will require grooming. It is up to you how often you get them groomed by deciding if you like a longer look or like to keep it short. You will see in our customer reviews the different coats and how families maintain them. We can help you find the right coat for your family, but we can't guarantee non shed or hypoallergenic qualities in all puppies.


Lexi, Aussiedoodle Puppy

Parents: Merle x Rooster


"A sweet addition to our family."


Ruth, Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy

Parents: Daisy x Boone


She is a beauty! Her family loves her!


Tuesday, Labradoodle Puppy

Parents: Cotton + Cabella


"This is our Tuesday. A Labradoodle from the first litter of Cotton and Cabella. Love her to pieces, she is such an amazing dog and has the patience of a saint with our five-year-old daughter, and I love it that they share a bed at night. Her hair has changed a couple of times. It was kind of straighter when under a year, then went super tight curls and silver at a year and a half, now it is back to darker grey/black and softer curls again.”


Oreo, Labradoodle Puppy

Parents: Cotton + Cabella


“She is a very smart, loving girl with an expensive taste for shoes and rugs.  Her fur/hair is mostly like a lab with some curly spots mainly on her head and legs. She is also is fading on her beard and her ‘bed head’ and has some white fur growing in on her body. She is probably close to about 60lbs already.”


Brinkley, Lily Goldendoodle Puppy


“Gentle, smart, spunky and loving!”


Roby, Labradoodle Puppy

Parents: Cotton + Cabella


“She is the best dog; we couldn’t be happier with her. Can’t thank you enough, Sand Hollow Doodles! She’s absolutely the best; we love her to death!”


McCartney, Phantom Goldendoodle Puppy

Parents: Sadie + Simba


“Our McCartney is the best dog ever! He’s growing and thriving daily.  Thanks again, Sand Hollow Doodles, for this sweetheart!”


Maggie, Rowdy Labradoodle Puppy


"Today we are on our second full day with Maggie. The day we got her she was wide awake checking out all of her surroundings. The first day, she already knew the routine and exactly where to go leading the way through the chicken run to the yard to play and use the bathroom. She napped like a normal puppy and was playing with her toys.

"Today it's like she made the rules because she knows them so well. She is doing great and she has adapted really well. Very sweet puppy and so darn cute! We just need to work on her walking to the side of human legs instead of in between them."


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