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Hi there!  We wanted to show families the process we go through to prepare your new pet for their first flight.  In a perfect world, you would be able to come and pick up each your pet.  Unfortunately, sometimes that simply isn't possible.  We have worked with United PetSafe numerous times over the course of many years.  They have always delivered our pets to us safe and professionally.  We really became familiar with United PetSafe when we flew our beloved Nellie, a Spanish Water Dog, all the way from Spain.

United is very thorough to make sure each pet is healthy and suitable for flying.  Not all breeds are candidates.  Be sure to check out their list. Weather is also important. The time of year and location, will also determine if your pet is a candidate.  They don't want our furry friends to get too hot or too cold. 

The Kennel-  When we ship a dog, we order a new kennel that is specific for flying.  The kennel must meet the requirements for flight: hard plastic top, only 1 front opening, proper ventilation, assembled with screws and bolts, adequate space for the pup, food and water dishes accessible from the door.  

Vet Health Exam- This is an additional vet visit for our pups.  They go back to the vet for another thorough examination to make sure they are in tip top shape for flying. Vaccination records are double checked as well.  The pup will then be issued a Health Certificate from the Department of Ag from your vet.  United PetSafe allows it to be no more than 10 days old from the day of the flight.  

Picture Time- We submit multiple pictures of the dog in their travel kennel as well as front view of the pup 5 days before take off.  They do this for breed recognition, identification, and to make sure the kennel meets the requirements for flying.  

Day of the Flight- We arrive about 2 hours before the flight takes off.  We take the pup to the United Cargo Facility Office.  That is the same location where you pick up your pet- United Cargo Facility Office. We fill out the paperwork and begin the process of checking in the pup.  It is documented when the pup was fed and watered last. We send food with the pup and it will be fed and watered along the journey.  We do not send any toys, bones, or collars on our pups.  We take all precautions for safety.  The pup is then taken to the airplane loading area while we pay for the flight.

How much does all this business cost? For us, it costs us about $450.  We do not make any money on transport.  Ticket prices are based on weight, size of the kennel, and distance. While this may seem like a lot of work, it ensures a safe arrival of the puppy.

United Pet Safe

Please note- The person picking up the puppy will need to have proper identification for the animal to be released to them.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on shipping your puppy. 

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